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I am pleased to post this picture of “Made on the Farm” furniture in the Nature discovery Area of the Cleveland Zoo!

We were really excited to have the Cleveland Zoo call and buy several pieces of furniture.  We appreciate them supporting a small craftsman.  It has been a good learning experience.  The Zoo has millions of visitors every year.  Our furniture will be getting a huge work out.  Based on the Zoo’s input I have changed the design of the rockers.  This will make them super for everyone.

Willow furniture is unique in that it is a sustainable product.  When you harvest Willow another shoot grows from the cutting.  Perhaps the best quality of all is its beauty.  Here at MadeOnTheFarm.com we show and sell handcrafted willow furniture, wood tables and other items made from willow or other woods such as ash, cherry, maple, butternut and basswood.  We make all of our willow furniture, wood furniture and other items on our farm in northern Ohio and we make it available for you to purchase.  If you click on the pictures they will enlarge and you can see the detail that makes our chairs unique.   We are located in the very northwest corner of Ohio, 3 miles south of Michigan and 13 miles east of Indiana.  Our hand crafted furniture is truly made on the farm, we have 90 acres of which 35 are wooded.  All material used to make our furniture is natural and comes from the farm.  The willow grows around the pond and the lumber comes from our woods.  We mill and process everything on the property and then it is dried in our barn loft.   See pictures of our farm and land on our “About Us” page.

Here is an example of the type of the tables I can build.  The top is 1 in. thick Ash and the legs are Maple.  As with all my tables all the extra twigs are part of the cross members.  This table is 32 in. square and 22 in. tall.  It is finished with linseed oil so it is a great table for a porch. It sold for $179.  I can make others like it.

Double click on the image and you will be able to appreciate what I am saying.



Here is a picture of the table I made for the Cleveland Zoo.  It is all willow and treated with Linseed Oil.  It is $100.




I made my first rocker this year.  Based on experience at the Cleveland Zoo I have changed the runners.  When I make rockers in the spring of 2018 I will update the picture.  This gives you an idea of style.  The one picture shows the detail of the back.















I need to say a bit about shipping.  I have not found a good way to ship. Most of my business has been by pick up or local delivery.


Please look around, we’ve got some of the finest willow wood furniture in the country and at a fantastic price compared to our competitors so please browse our store and contact us should you need more information on our willow wood products.  We can be contacted at 1-419-737-2156.

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