Olivia’s Paddle Board

When the granddaughters are 14 they make a project with me. Lauren made a wood strip canoe in 2018 – see my Great Summer post. Olivia opted for a paddle board. This was interesting because we didn’t have book to follow like we did for the canoe. There was a lot of design we had to do: length, width, internal structure, shape, rocker, fin design, basically the entire board. Olivia did every function: table saw, planer, router, band saw, drilling, glueing strips, assembling the interior, sanding, fiberglass and varnish. I probably missed a couple. Every part of the project: interior exterior and paddle was a tree in our woods at one time. The board interior ribs are Basswood. The exterior is Wild Cherry, Ash and Butternut. The paddle is Basswood and Butternut. Here are a couple of pictures of the build and then the finished product. I got to spend a bunch of time with Olivia, it was great!

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