Wood for the winter

Here is our wood for the winter.  The stack is 2 logs wide, 64 feet long and over 4 feet tall.  I figure 8+ cords.  That will give us heat and hot water all winter, get me started at maple syruping and have just a bit left over.  We do have a propane backup furnace but we only used 25 gallons of propane last year, so we heat almost entirely with wood.  How do you cut that much wood? – one load at a time.  We switched homeowners insurance a couple of years ago and when I told them we heated with wood they sent a guy out for an inspection.  I told him to let me show him the system and give him an explanation of the theory and application behind our system.  When we were done he told me he was the expert on heating systems at his firm.  He said he had learned more in the last 15 minutes than he ever knew, he had never seen anything like our system and I should teach a class.  As an example last night the temperature got down to 23 degrees.  When I added wood at 9:30 PM the thermostat is the dining room said it was 73 degrees in the house.  When I added wood at 7:30 AM the thermostat in the dining room still said it was 73 degrees in the house and our showers with water heated by the furnace were scorching hot.                 An update – 1-14-2019  When I added wood last night at 9:30 the house was 73 degrees.  It was 9 degrees outside this morning at 7:30 when I added wood again.  The house was 73 degrees.  That is 10 hours and an 64 degree differential.

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