Great Bow Season

Saturday morning Dec 29, 2019 I harvested a buck with my bow. As I look back on Bow Hunting this year there are a lot of things that made it special besides getting a deer. I saw a bunch of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I have one stand that is in a grove of Hard Maples. With Hard Maples silver bark there, sometimes, is about 3 minutes at sunset where the trees appear pink. I saw that once this year. Besides deer, I saw a mink, turkeys, bunches of squirrels, an amazing number of different birds and watched raccoons. For the second time in 35+ years of hunting I had a Red Tailed Hawk swoop down and try to take a squirrel that had been chattering at me. The first time, years ago, the hawk got the squirrel. This time it missed, knocking the squirrel out of the tree. The squirrel screamed all the way to the ground and then took off. I saw my first pair of Pileated Woodpeckers. Three other times I have seen a single bird. They came through and one landed in the tree I was in, right above my head. For several minutes I had a bunch of big wood chips going past. The stand I was in is just over 100 yards. from the house. I shot the buck at 8:02 hitting him in the backbone. A quick second shot finished him. I was down out of the tree admiring by 8:06. Deer registered and back from the processor by 11:00. It costs $0.70 per take home pound so venison is a real bargain and hormone free. I so enjoy the wonder of God’s nature and am so blessed to get to enjoy it.

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